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It as been brought to my attention that Rick Warren has started a new health program called The Daniel Plan.  If you go to a church that follows Rick Warren you should be aware that this is not as benign as it may seem.

On the surface it might look like a good thing, but when you dig a little deeper you find it is not Christian.  This program was written with the help of three celebrity doctors who believe in new age and Eastern mysticism.  This is hardly proper for a Christian organization.  Doesn’t the Bible teach that we are to be equally yoked?

It doesn’t seem to me that the church should be in the business of health care.  The church should be in the business of getting out the gospel message so that people can know their need for a Savior, and teach saints how to live for Christ.

Here is a good place to start.  This site also has several good links to further your study.

Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan Embraces New Age Spirituality – Charlotte apologetics |

TBC NewsWatch:  Purpose-Driven Apostasy

This is a very good article written by The Berean Call  in their February 2011 newsletter.  It explains who these new age doctors are and what they believe.

Here is another blog site that gives a lot more detail of what is behind this Daniel Plan.

I pray you will explore these web sites and then make up you own mind as to whether Rick Warren promotes true or false religion.

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