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The Christmas Cookie Man


by Bonnie Lord

Just before Christmas, Mom baked a cookie man
She left him to cool on the new cookie pan.
Then, she went out to buy Billy a toy,
Because he had been a very good boy.

Jake, the dog, woke from his nap.
Then his nose twitched with a snap.
“Something smells good,
Like cookies should.”

Jake sniffed, and found the cookie man.
He laid right there on the cookie pan.
Jake nudged the pan, and it crashed to the floor.
Up jumped cookie man and slipped out the door.
Then a little voice said in his head.
“Run! Run! Cookie man!”

Cookie man ran all around.
His feet barely touched the ground.
Finally, after a slip and a fall,
He found himself right next to the mall.

Tired he slumped down on the curb.
A boy picked him up and he heard.
“Which shall I eat?
His head or his feet?”
Then a little voice said in his head.
“Run! Run! Cookie man.”

Cookie man breathed in a lot of air.
He let it all out with more to spare.
It let him slip from the little boy’s hand,
And he again heard, “Run! Run! Cookie man!”

In the mall kids were trimming a tree.
Cookie man walked on over to see.
A girl reached down and picked him up.
“I’ll put this cookie man near the top!”

She lifted him up, oh so high,
And cookie man let out a deep sigh.
Then, the little voice said.
“Safe at last Cookie man!”

Cookie man rests in the tree in the mall,
Where he can be seen by one and by all.
Kids walk by with their faces so pink,
And cookie man grins and gives them a wink.

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By Bonnie Lord

This is the Christmas time of the year,
“Santa Claus,” and “be good,” that’s all we hear.
The first gift of Christmas God gave us all,
Jesus, His Son, was born in a stall.
Wise men and shepherds brought frankincense and myrrh,
While angels were proclaiming, “peace on earth!”
Now look at this world, and look at this land.
It looks like something went wrong with the plan.
Santa Claus came, stole Jesus away.
The donkey became reindeer and sleigh.
Greedy men get rich, minding their store.
While we rush about buying presents galore.
But, God is still there, He is within reach.
We must turn to Him and let Him teach.
He has a special gift for us this year.
It’s eternal life for all who believe and hear.
Our sins tho red as scarlet you know,
Will be washed whiter, yes whiter than snow.
Let’s put Christ back in Christmas for you and for me.
And remember the day He hung on the tree.
Know in our hearts He won’t let us down,
But, believe in Him and live for our crown.

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