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Not long ago I discovered the answer to one of the great mysteries of life that has plagued mankind for years.

My husband and I were enjoying the midday sun on the patio when our neighbor man stopped to visit. His wife, Marge, was in their backyard hanging up clothes. Suddenly, she sang out. “Somebody left a tissue in their clothes again!

Jim answered, “Well, it wasn’t me!”                                           tissue-1427120

My husband said, “That’s funny. We have that same problem at our house too.”

Then it began to dawn upon me. I’ve been dealing with tissues showing up in my wash for years. I began an investigation into the matter. I grabbed a pad and wrote down all the places that I’d ever lived. Than I studied each one and remembered tissue in the wash in every location I was on to something, and it could be big.

How many times have I found tissue in my own washing machine and wondered where it came from? I was certain I had checked all the pockets, yet there it would be in a zillion pieces clinging to my clean clothes. I would invariably proclaim, “Someone left a tissue in their pocket again!

Later that week I began a survey. I asked everyone I came in contact with if they had tissues show up in their laundry. The answer was a resounding “Yes!” Not one person I surveyed said they never had the problem.

After a little more in-depth interview I discovered something else they all had in common. Not in one instance would anyone admit they had been the one to leave the tissue in the pocket. Not one! I couldn’t get over it. There was a pattern here and things were looking mighty suspicious.

I decided for the good of my country I had to figure this mystery out. After all, this could be a left-wing conspiracy. Why were tissues showing up in the laundry and causing all this accusing and frustration? Was it a plot to spoil marriages and bring discord into the family unit?

Everyone knows evil things happen during the night, so I began sleeping days. I stayed awake at night and kept an eye on the laundry.

I parked a chair in the laundry room in a dark corner and waited. Nothing! I repeated this for the next three nights. Finally, on the night just before wash day something happened. I heard a little “Kachoo!” Again I heard it. “Kachoo!” Then, quick as a wink I thought I saw the hamper cover move. What was going on?

I sneaked over to the hamper, slowly lifted the lid and much to my shock and surprise I saw a little fairy. I grabbed him around the middle and held him up so I could take a good look. After the little fella calmed down, we had a long talk.

It turns out his name was “Kachoo,” and he was the tissue fairy. He suffered horribly with allergies and stole tissues to blow his nose. Then, not knowing what to do with them, and not wanting to be a litter bug, he would sneak into people’s homes in the night and leave them in sleeves and legs of things in their hampers.

Mystery solved. It was the tissue fairy all along. And that is why no one EVER admits that they were the one who left the tissue in their dirty clothes.










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