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Pastor Ron Lewis: Faith Bible Church, Warren, Pa.

This week Pastor Ron finishes his series on the book of Ruth.  We see the genealogy of Perez.  Then we consider some of the lessons that we learned in studying this wonderful little Book.

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A.  The Generations of Perez (V18-22)

1. Perez
2. Hezron
3. Ram
4. Amminadab
5. Nahshon
6. Salmon
7. Boaz
8. Obed
9. Jesse
10. David

B.  Lessons we’ve learned and pictures we’ve seen…









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Lessons From the Book of Ruth

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Here is another wonderful post on anxiety by John MacArthur.  He is doing a series of them and I want to share them with you.  There is a very good short video clip in this one that you MUST listen too.  I think it is the key to victory.  When you get a hold of that teaching, it really makes all the difference.


It should be clear by now that unchecked anxiety isn’t good for you. It’s a sin expressly forbidden by the Lord, so there is the spiritual cost to consider. But it’s also harmful to your health, your productivity, and your relationships. It wreaks havoc throughout your life, and as we saw yesterday, it strangles your mind.

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John MacArthur on Anxiety and God’s Sovereignty.

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