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Here is an article by  Timothy J. Hammons that needs to be read.  I’ve heard too many preachers on t.v. say that God’s love is unconditional. It really isn’t you know. God is holy, holy, holy, and He hates sin!

Check it out here.

Thoughts That Matter

If you have held Calvinistic positions on anything concerning Scripture for more than a minute, you know that the moment you voice such convictions, it will not take long for someone to make the claim that they disagree with you and “will not put God in a box.”

The irony is that the moment they say they will not put God in a box, is the moment they do. The problem with their box is that it is much worse than the box used by Calvinists because their feelings and emotions define the box they use, as opposed to the box used by Calvinists, which is scripture.

The reality is that whenever we think about God at all, we put Him in a box. We can’t help it. We are finite beings trying to think and describe that which is infinite. We are sinful and fallen trying to grasp…

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