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Pastor Ron Lewis: Faith Bible Church, Warren, Pa.

Joshua 2:1-11 This time Pastor Ron takes a look at the backstory of Boaz and his mother Rahab.  We learn how God used a harlot to help work out His plans.


A.  The Spies go into Jericho…(Joshua 2:1-3)               008-joshua-rahab-spies.jpg

B.  Rahab’s lie…(Joshua 2:4-7)

C.  Rahab’s Confession…(Joshua 2:8-11)

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A Mother Named Rahab

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Pastor Ron Lewis:  Faith Bible Church, Warren, Pa.



Ephesians 6:10-20  Today Pastor Ron begins a new series, “Spiritual Warfare.”  We need to understand this teaching as it is crucial to living the victorious Christian life.  In this introduction we go back to the beginning of the Book of Ephesians and hit the highlights.  We find out what it really means to be a Christian.  We view our spiritually dead condition and learn about the doctrine of salvation.  We see the church with Jews and Gentiles being one new man.  Then, we learned about Spirit-filled husband and wives, and Spirit-filled children and parents. Then we looked at Spirit-filled slaves (employees) and masters (employers).  We saw the world, and the flesh, but now in chapter 6 we will learn about another enemy, namely, the Devil.  We are in a spiritual battle.  As we go through this series we will find out how to win this war.  Stay tuned!

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Spiritual Warfare Intro

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Spiritual Depression: #3 “That One Sin,” a sermon by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.



Are you an unhappy Christian?  We aren’t meant to be that way you know.  But, many are that’s for sure. Why is that?  Do you sometimes feel like David in Psalms 42:5.

 Psa 42:5a KJV Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me?

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones says, “The moment we become Christians we become very special objects of the devil.”

This is true and it is one reason why we get down and depressed. The devil begins to work in our minds and tries to make us ineffective for the work of Christ.

Are you suffering greatly because of something in your past?  I mean before you even became a Christian?  There might be something that you did, and you keep going over it to try to figure the whole mess out.  Or, it might be something you said to someone that haunts you even to today.  Maybe you made a promise to God that if he answered a certain prayer of yours that you would do something in return, and you didn’t keep your promise.  The devil likes this.  He has us right where he wants us.

When our countenance is gloomy, and we look like we just sucked on a dill pickle we are not a very good example of what a Christian is to unbelievers.  We need to be aware of that and be a good example for Christ’s sake.

You need to listen to this sermon as Dr. Lloyd-Jones explains why this happens to us.  We need a right understanding of what happened at salvation.  He helps us understand why our past sins should not affect our moods today.  We can be joyful in the Lord!

For myself, yes, I do get down at times.  But, I don’t stay there.  I know what Christ has done for me by dying on the cross for my sins.  Those, by the way, are past, present, and future sins.  That is a mystery to me, but it is what the Bible says and I believe it.  I’ve noticed that past events of my life come into my mind and truthfully I do have many regrets.  But, I’ve learned not to dwell on them. When I find myself doing that I have to rush to God and ask Him to help me change my thoughts.  I have to focus on how wonderful He is and what great things He has done for me.  I have to praise Him!  For me it is good to start thinking about what I’m thankful for.  I begin with my salvation and then it goes on and on from there.  Soon I am no longer down at heart, but my spirit is lifted up to the heavens.

If you are a Christian but not really happy please listen to this sermon.  There is so much good teaching in it and it will help you understand why you are not happy.




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