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Has contemplative prayer arrived in your church yet? What about Lectio Divina, and prayer walks?  Have you ever heard of centering prayer?

When people participate in centering prayer they are actually taken into another state of consiousness. This is very dangerous and is the realm where demons can influence our minds.  God has never told us to empty our minds while seeking Him.  We are to meditate on the Word of God with our minds fully engaged.

These practices are mysticism and they are not what Christians should be involved in.  I have listed below several sites that will give you more information to help you discern what is right and what might be wrong in your church.  I pray that you will study the Word and not listen to people who try to make the church weak and unproductive.  They are not working for the Lord that is for sure.

There is much going on in churches today that isn’t really Biblical and we have to be Bereans and search the scriptures to see if what we are being fed is correct.  We must have discernment, and the only way we get that is by good Bible study.

Here is a very good article explaining why Lectio Divina and other mystical practices are dangerous.

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