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Naomi’s Argument

Pastor Ron Lewis: Faith Bible Church, Warren, Pa.

Ruth 1:11-14  This week Pastor Ron continues his series on the book of Ruth.  In this section we see the dialogue of Naomi and her two daughters-in-laws, Orpah and Ruth, as Naomi tries to convince them to go back to their mother’s homes and not follow her to Judah.


2.  The Second Dialogue V 11-14                         009-ruth-1

1)  The First Request V11a

2)  Two Rhetorical Questions V11b

3)  The Second Request V12a

4)  The Obvious Answer V12b

5)  A Hypothetical Case V12c

6)  Two More Rhetorical Questions V13a

7)  The Obvious Answer V13b

8)  Naomi’s Painful Summary V13c

9)  Naomi’s Bitter Accusation V13d

b.  Emotions Strike Again…V14a

c.  Orpah’s Response…V14b

d.  Ruth’s Response…V14c

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Pastor Ron Lewis:  Faith Bible Church, Warren, Pa.

Ruth 1:8-10  This week Pastor Ron continues his series in the book of Ruth.  Today he opens up the first dialogue Naomi had with Ruth and Orpah as they left Moab for Judah.


B.  NAOMI’S PLEA…(V8-18)                                   008-ruth-1

1.  The First Dialogue V8-10

a.  Naomi’s Request…V8a

b.  Naomi’s Prayer…V8b-9a

1) Kindness

2) Rest

c.  Naomi’s Kiss…V9b

d.  Ruth and Orpah’s Response…V9b-10

1) An Emotional one

2) A Stoic one

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