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Pastor Ron Lewis:  Faith Bible Church, Warren, Pa.

Ruth 1:19-22  This week Pastor Ron continues his series on the little book of Ruth.  Naomi and Ruth make the trip back to Bethlehem.  Some of the women didn’t even recognize Naomi because she had changed so much.  Naomi was now angry and bitter, not the sweet, pleasant person they once knew.  Do you blame God when things go wrong?



1.  Bethlehem Responds V 19                                      013-ruth-1

a.  The whole city was stirred…

b.  Some women ask a question…

2.  Naomi’s Angry Speech V 20-21

a.  Naomi denies her name…

b.  Naomi levels 4 accusations against God…

1)  The Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me.

2)  I went out full, but the Lord has brought me back empty.

3)  The Lord has witnessed against me

4)  and the Almighty has afflicted me

3.  The Author’s Summary V 22

a.  Naomi and Ruth returned…

b.  They came at the beginning of barley harvest…

Please click below to listen to this interesting sermon.

Naomi’s Angry Speech


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