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Pastor Ron Lewis: Faith Bible Church, Warren, Pa.

Ephesians 5:27  We have seen how Christ loved the church with a sacrificial love and a sanctifying love, now this week we see how He loved the church with a purifying love. Do you know that if you are a Believer you are engaged to Jesus Christ?  What an awesome thought!  In this sermon by Pastor Ron we will learn how the bride of Christ will be presented and also her attributes.


2.  How did Christ love the church…? (V25c-27)    philippians3_20

a.  With a sacrificial love V25c

b.  With a sanctifying love V26

c.  With a ___________love V27

1)   The presentation of the bride…

a)  A unique feature of this wedding…

b)  When will this take place…?

2)  The description of the bride…

a) Externally…

No spot

No wrinkle

Or any such thing

b)  Internally



Please click on the link below to listen to this awesome message.

Christ’s Purifying Love

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